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Prime Hvac Solutions HVAC, Air Conditioning and Water Coolers
Prime Hvac Solutions HVAC, Air Conditioning and Water Coolers
Prime Hvac Solutions HVAC, Air Conditioning and Water Coolers

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Why Central Air Conditioning?

Central air conditioners work by removing the humidity from the air in your home. Once this happens, the air gets circulated through the duct work that your furnace or forced air heating system employs. This in turn makes the air feel cooler and more comfortable.

Provided your home is already equipped with ductwork, central air conditioning is an easy install because all we would have to do is add an evaporator coil that sits above the furnace and a condenser to the exterior of your home. The two are connected by two lengths of copper piping.

They are increasingly popular because central air conditioning gives a much more complete sense of cooling throughout the home. Not only are they designed to operate more efficiently than ever before, they are the more efficient option because they keep the whole home at a stable temperature, set on the temperature, rather than blowing air around constantly to keep the temperature down.

A/C Repairs

When your air conditioner isn’t working, it always seems to have a way of happening at the most inopportune times. Like, for example, on the hottest day on record. We know that the last thing you want to do is deal with a broken air conditioner when it’s hot outside, which is why you need to give us a call whenever you notice:

  • Warm air leaking in
  • Refrigerant leaking
  • The unit is making a lot of noise
  • Water leaking from the unit
  • Air passing through but it’s not cold

These are just a handful of the common problems we get called in to repair. And while we know that in the moment, these problems may seem insurmountable, thanks to our many years of experience repairing all kinds of different air conditioning systems, we can typically solve the problem in a short amount of time. Whenever you suspect there’s an issue, or even if you are overdue for some maintenance, give Philadelphia a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.